A Quiz on Aerial Photography in Virtual Healthcare Tours

If you have ever seen a virtual tour for any type of business, you may wonder how they achieved photography from such a high elevation. Aerial photography is a great enhancement to a Virtual Healthcare Tour. We have written about this element in previous blogs, and today we would like to challenge you to a quiz on the topic.


Q1. True or false – The definition of aerial photography is pictures taken by an acrobat in mid-air.

Q2. True or false – Aerial photography is another name for panoramic photography.

Q3. True of false – A virtual tour includes music to make the experience more interactive and pleasant to the person visiting your website.


A1. FALSE – Aerial photography is when photographs are procured from an elevated position. This can be accomplished with either a mounted or hand-held camera. Aerial photographers adapt to their various subjects. They may procure their images manually or with the use of a camera remote. Aerial photographs can use airplanes, helicopters, hot air balloons, blimps, rockets, kites, parachutes, building tops, and poles to achieve the desired elevation.

A2. FALSE – Panoramic photography provides a length in a photograph to simulate what the human eye might see in person. Panoramic photography focuses on horizontal visuals while aerial photography is vertical, providing an image that you might see if you were magically flying above a building or room. The visual overview and perspective provided by both panoramic and aerial photography can make prospective clients feel like they’ve actually visited your facility.

A3. TRUE – All of the photographic images we take of your facility can be enhanced with professional narration and music scores. You will be able to design or approve of these elements with the help of our expert Virtual Healthcare Tours team.

Aerial Photography in Virtual Healthcare Tours

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