A Quiz on Panoramic Photography from Virtual Healthcare Tours

Virtual Healthcare Tours can offer clients a vast expanse of marketing possibilities. Yet, at the core, the concept of a virtual tour is pretty simple. We allow you to show what you have to offer in the most comprehensive way possible without someone actually physically touring your medical building. Panoramic photography is one of the biggest elements in a virtual tour, and we have discussed this type of visual in previous blogs. Today, we’d like to challenge you to a quiz on panoramic photography.


Q1. True or false – Panoramic photography can be done with a normal digital camera. Q2. True or false – The goal of panoramic photography is to mimic the field of view of the human eye. Q3. True or false – Panoramic photography speaks for itself, so we won’t enhance it with anything on your website.


A1. FALSE – Panoramic photography utilizes specialized equipment (or sometimes software) to capture images with an extended point of view from one end to the other. You may also hear of this photographic technique as wide format photography.

A2. TRUE –  Panoramic photography provides an image which shows a field of view approximating what the human eye sees. You may have seen panoramic photography used to photograph a large group of people (such as a graduating class at a high-school or college) or to record a sweeping landscape, or very wide building. In order to provide a realistic three dimensional representation of your facility, we rely on panoramic photography so that your prospective patients and clients can view the same thing they would if they walked into your facility.

A3.  FALSE – Virtual tours enable you to cater your facility to an appropriate client base. If you prefer to have music, narration, written word, or all of the above, we can cater your virtual tour to the way you want your business represented. Patients often appreciate the opportunity to view a visual tour combined with inviting and informative audio narration. This will generally provide a lasting impression that will have them picking up the phone.

Panoramic Photography in Virtual Healthcare Tours

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