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And The Award Goes To….

Every year, when Oscar Night arrives, thousands are glued to the television. Something about watching actors, directors and others come up on stage and receive an award from the prestigious Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for their work fascinates even those not remotely connected to the entertainment industry. Frequently we see commercials for […]

Virtual Tours in a Visual World

We all know that people think visually. Expressions such as “A picture is worth a thousand words”, “Don’t tell me, show me.” or “I see what you mean” have been part of our vocabulary since as far back as can be remembered. And from the time we are infants, our eyes are drawn to pictures. […]

Getting Onboard With Medical Tourism

When most people hear the word “tourism,” they think of an exotic, wind swept Island bolstering its economy by shuttling mainlanders in white socks, khaki shorts, and blue floral shirts from one grass-shack gift shop to another. It conveys a sense of excitement; a fun and innocuous diversion for those trapped in cubicles or shoveling […]

Healthcare Reform: Your New Best Friend

For quite a while now, a huge topic on many people’s minds has been the Affordable Healthcare Act, and healthcare reform. In just about a year or so millions of words have been written and spoken about it. Everyone from doctors, to political figures, to average, every-day-people have weighed in; posting Twitter tweets and Facebook […]

Minding Our Bedside Manners

For anyone who has ever worked in retail, the phrase “There’s no such thing as a stupid question” creates a reaction similar to fingernails on a chalkboard. Many individuals who have done time on the other side of a cash register will indeed agree that they have been confronted with questions that have been somewhat […]

At Home vs. ‘A Home.’

         One of the most challenging situations a family can – and likely will – encounter comes when a loved one eventually needs long term care. Not only are there the immediate emotions that flare up like a sudden wild fire, but also financial and logistical issues that present themselves. Very often, […]