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Virtual Tours in a Visual World

We all know that people think visually. Expressions such as “A picture is worth a thousand words”, “Don’t tell me, show me.” or “I see what you mean” have been part of our vocabulary since as far back as can be remembered. And from the time we are infants, our eyes are drawn to pictures. […]

Healthcare Reform: Your New Best Friend

For quite a while now, a huge topic on many people’s minds has been the Affordable Healthcare Act, and healthcare reform. In just about a year or so millions of words have been written and spoken about it. Everyone from doctors, to political figures, to average, every-day-people have weighed in; posting Twitter tweets and Facebook […]

Sound Familiar? Virtual Tours Span Multiple Industries

Virtual Healthcare Tours are a marketing tool designed to attract web traffic (potential clients, patients, customers) for nursing homes, medical practices, dental offices, assisted living centers, adult day cares, and the like. Virtual tours offer people the opportunity to enjoy a three dimensional interactive tour from the comfort of their home. We employ panoramic and […]