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Virtual Tours in a Visual World

We all know that people think visually. Expressions such as “A picture is worth a thousand words”, “Don’t tell me, show me.” or “I see what you mean” have been part of our vocabulary since as far back as can be remembered. And from the time we are infants, our eyes are drawn to pictures. […]

Virtual Tour Photography How Do They DO That?

There is something inherently fascinating about a fully panoramic photograph. Since their inception, people cannot seem to get enough of those ‘you are there’ location shots done in the 360-degree format. What is it about these images that draw us in? Perhaps it’s because they are such a new, cutting edge thing. Or it could […]

A Quiz on Panoramic Photography from Virtual Healthcare Tours

Virtual Healthcare Tours can offer clients a vast expanse of marketing possibilities. Yet, at the core, the concept of a virtual tour is pretty simple. We allow you to show what you have to offer in the most comprehensive way possible without someone actually physically touring your medical building. Panoramic photography is one of the […]