Give Prospective Patients a True Overview with Aerial Photography

PhotoAerial photography is a great enhancement to a Virtual Healthcare Tour. Panoramic photography provides a life-like quality to a web site by reflecting what the human eye might see if you were to physically visit a facility. Panoramic photography is a very important element in a virtual tour, but aerial photography goes an extra mile…or two…above ground, in fact. The visual overview provided by aerial photography can make prospective clients feel like they’re literally flying over your facility.

Aerial Photography Defined

Aerial photography is when photographs are procured from an elevated position. The cameras can either be hand-held or mounted on something such as a tripod. The picture may be taken by a photographer manually, or the image may be triggered remotely. Some of the various ways to get a good aerial photograph would include airplanes, helicopters, hot air balloons, blimps, rockets, kites, parachutes, building tops, and poles. By taking the picture from a high elevation, the client can enjoy a view that they might not otherwise get to see, giving them a better impression of the scope of your facility.

Considering a Virtual Healthcare Tour?

Virtual tours give you the opportunity to cater your marketing to an appropriate client base from the comfort of their laptop. All of our images have the option of enhancement from high-quality narration and music scores. This creates a subtly pleasing ambiance to prospective clients the minute they click on to your site. With people living longer, there is a higher need for healthcare of all varieties. People have many options, and they are looking for a place that stands out from the crowd. A virtual tour can do this for your healthcare facility.

Aerial Photography in Virtual Healthcare Tours

We currently provide virtual tours for hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, adult day care centers, dental practices, medical offices, and medical spas. Considering a virtual tour, but don’t know how to start? At Virtual Healthcare Tours, we will meet with you to discuss your facility’s individual needs and concerns, and develop an effective virtual tour for you. Contact us at our New York or Chicago offices by calling (877) 317-6527 to schedule a consultation today.