Minding Our Bedside Manners

For anyone who has ever worked in retail, the phrase “There’s no such thing as a stupid question” creates a reaction similar to fingernails on a chalkboard. Many individuals who have done time on the other side of a cash register will indeed agree that they have been confronted with questions that have been somewhat […]

At Home vs. ‘A Home.’

         One of the most challenging situations a family can – and likely will – encounter comes when a loved one eventually needs long term care. Not only are there the immediate emotions that flare up like a sudden wild fire, but also financial and logistical issues that present themselves. Very often, […]

Making Your Tour AMAZING

         So you have decided on doing a Virtual Tour. You have seen them online – perhaps even the high-end versions produced by Virtual Tour Group, or Virtual Healthcare Tours – and you are convinced that your facility will be the perfect showcase for the power and marketing edge they offer. Nevertheless, […]

Virtual Tour Photography How Do They DO That?

There is something inherently fascinating about a fully panoramic photograph. Since their inception, people cannot seem to get enough of those ‘you are there’ location shots done in the 360-degree format. What is it about these images that draw us in? Perhaps it’s because they are such a new, cutting edge thing. Or it could […]