Virtual HealthcareTours: Focus on Amenities

Screen Shot 2012-10-09 at 11.52.50 AMAnyone can look through a brochure, or stock photos on an internet website and get excited about the amenities they see at a healthcare facility that they’re interested in. Unfortunately, the cynics in us know that these pamphlets are likely to be outdated, and two dimensional photos literally lack the depth to make someone feel a true connection. Enter Virtual Healthcare Tours. Suddenly, these antiquated forms of advertisement become a three-dimensional journey for the prospective resident or patient.

Focus on the Details

With our interactive slideshows, clients have the opportunity to focus on the details that they’re most interested in. Sometimes, it’s the little things. Someone seeking an adult day care might want to view the activities that will be available for their elderly loved one. Perhaps puzzles, games, or television are soothing to them, or they respond calmly to a certain type of décor or color of paint on the walls. For a nursing home, if technology is one of your selling points, zooming in on the state of the art equipment available to residents can be highlighted. Is a fitness center one of the facility favorites? Are you known for your food? Your virtual tour will show the true details of your facility so those questions that might seem too small if someone were to call or visit can be already answered in their minds.

Professional Photographers Capture Your Facilities Advantages

Our professional photographers can ensure that the images you are providing for prospective clients are the most attractive and representative of your beautiful facility. The three dimensional quality of a virtual healthcare tour makes the process more interactive than a regular photo, of course. However, having someone that knows the right way to take the most representative pictures will certainly make your healthcare tour stand out from the crowd.

Contact Us for More Information on Virtual Healthcare Tours

At Virtual Healthcare Tours, we will meet with you to discuss your individual needs and concerns, and develop an effective virtual tour for your facility. Contact us at our New York or Chicago offices by calling (877) 317-6527 to schedule a consultation today.