Virtual Tours for Dental Offices

Virtual Healthcare Tours creates life-like internet walkthroughs of a variety of medical facilities. The goal is to offer prospective clients or patients a three dimensional view of all that you have to offer. Time can be limited, and stamina can be sparse when someone is elderly or ailing. Virtual tours aren’t only appropriate for hospitals, nursing homes, and adult daycares, however. One of the perfect clients for a virtual healthcare tour would be dental offices.

Benefits for Dental Offices

No matter how busy someone is, any dentist will tell you that keeping up with checkups and cleanings every six months is essential for maintaining premium oral health. Some people stay with the same dentist from childhood on, but dental professionals retire, offices close, and relocations occur. If someone is new to town, or unhappy and wanting to switch to a new dentist, they’re not likely to want to run around touring offices to find the best option for their dental care. So if you’re the one dental office that allows them a peek inside of the facility without getting off of their living room couch, you just might be the one that books the appointment.

Amenities to Highlight

As a prospective patient, dental offices may look somewhat the same from practice to practice. What types of things would you want to see if you were searching for a new dentist? Some of the amenities we might suggest highlighting on a dental office virtual tour would include:

New technology – Are your armed with the best in lasers, digital x-rays, and/or oral cancer screening equipment? If you have instruments that will make your patient’s lives easier, this is information that should be highlighted.

Spa-Like Environment – Many dental practices have jumped on the spa bandwagon. Offering amenities such as hand warming, blankets, soothing music, and a generally comforting atmosphere – these are things that will show that you stand out from the crowd when it comes to patient comfort.

Anxiety-free Dentistry – Some practices provide nitrous oxide (laughing gas) as a courtesy to nervous patients. Your practice may also offer deeper sedation for patients with serious dental phobias.

Inquire About a Virtual Healthcare Tour

Our number one priority is creating the ideal tour for you, no matter what type of facility you are. For more information on the many benefits of virtual tours for healthcare, call Virtual Healthcare Tours at 877-317-6527, or send us a message via We’re your very best resource for virtual tours within the healthcare industry.