Hospital Virtual Tours

Panoramic Virtual Tours for Hospitals

Whether a person needs to have an operation or procedure, undergo treatment or therapy, or give birth, upcoming visits to the hospital are invariably a source of apprehension and anxiety. Experts agree that the best way for patients to ease their fears is to become informed about both the medical procedure or treatment ahead and the staff and facility where the procedure will be performed. Patients want to know what they can expect when they walk through your doors.

What Can a Virtual Tour Do for Your Hospital?

Still photographs can tell part of the story, but they can’t provide the comprehensive view offered by 360° panoramic photography. A customized online tour by Virtual Healthcare Tours featured on your website can allow potential patients and their families to take a virtual walk through of your waiting rooms, dining facilities, and gift shops. This allows them to get to know the friendly faces that will greet them and walk them through the paperwork process. New clients can take a look at your state-of-the-art technology and operating rooms, as well as your comfortable recovery rooms, all from the privacy of their own homes. Soothing music and informative voice-over narration, in addition to features such as interactive hotspots, will make your virtual tour a complete experience.

We invite you to browse through our portfolio and see how this persuasive marketing tool has helped hospitals reach out to new clients. If you have any questions about how Virtual Healthcare Tours can help your hospital’s marketing strategy, contact us today.