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360° Virtual Healthcare Tours

Once upon a time, healthcare professionals did not necessarily need marketing strategies. Nearly everyone has to stay at a hospital, visit the dentist or doctor, or arrange for nursing home care at some point in their lives.  Therefore, the healthcare industry seemed to have a built-in clientele.

Times have changed. Competition in the healthcare service industry has increased.  As economic hard times drive many people to forgo medical or dental attention due to a lack of insurance or high deductibles.

In order to reach a wider audience, medical and dental practices, hospitals, assisted and senior living communities, and medical spas have turned to online marketing strategies. A well-designed, easy-to-navigate website is great for attracting attention. It takes truly engaging content to turn a casual website visitor into a return client.

At Virtual Health Tours, creating engaging content is what we do. A stunning 360° panoramic tour featured on your website, encourages potential patients to become familiar with your facility. Our skilled photographers and staging consultants will help highlight the best aspects of your office or practice, promoting a sense of well being and reassurance with a contemporary flair.

Our design team specializes in virtual tours for:

Adding an interactive, informative 360° photographic tour to your website does more than help potential clients feel comfortable and confident in your ability to provide quality care. It helps you increase your healthcare facility’s bottom line.

We invite you to take a look at our portfolio and see what our satisfied clients have to say about the quality of our work. Then contact us at Virtual Healthcare Tours to talk about a 360° virtual tour for your hospital, nursing home, assisted living center, medical clinic, dental office, or medical spa.